Speak Like a CEO 229

229: New World Order: AI Special (Part 2)

Episode #229 mit:
Nicole Büttner
Founder & CEO
Merantix Momentum
Benedikt Ilg
CEO & chairman of the board
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications

In this two-part series, I interview 9 thought leaders about the impact of AI on all aspects of communications.

These thought leaders are world-renowned CEOs, business school professors, company builders and crisis communications experts. With their combined expertise, my aim is to give you the most complete and actionable overview on the topic.

In this episode we will discuss how AI can be rocket fuel for your internal communication, how you can use it to boost recruiting and employer branding, how it can help you build a business and craft your own story, and what the risks are if you are not clear with your team about how you plan to use AI.

My first guest is Nicole Büttner, an entrepreneur, economist and a tech optimist as well as a WEF Digital Leader for Europe. As the founder & CEO Merantix Momentum, she enables companies to unlock the value of artificial intelligence.

Next up: Dries Faems is professor for entrepreneurship at leading business school WHU and self-proclaimed GenAI nerd. He is also the co-host of the Most Awesome Founder podcast.

Our third expert is Benedikt Ilg. He is CEO & Co-Founder of Flip, a fast growing startup that empowers hundreds of companies including the likes of McDonalds and Porsche to communicate better, cheaper and faster with their frontline workers – with the help of AI.

Our last guests are Jasmin Meilner and Maximilian Neukirchner. They are the founders and co-CEOs of MyRecruity. They are experts on social recruiting and the use of AI in recruitment.

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