Speak Like a CEO 191

191: The Future is Internal Communications. Benedikt Ilg, CEO of Flip

Episode #191 mit:
Benedikt Ilg
CEO & chairman of the board
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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80% of the global workforce are deskless employees. 

They don’t have email or Slack, they don’t respond to calendar invites and won’t attend conference calls. But they are the biggest part of the workforce. Keeping them informed, engaged and aligned is a major challenge for businesses. 

While working at Porsche, Benedikt Ilg noticed how hard it was to reach his colleagues in production.

The solution that Benedikt and his co-founder came up with is Flip – an app that allows deskless employees to receive information and connect. Their goal: to change the future of deskless work. 

Your workforce is the heart of the company. In times of crises or times of rapid change, it is the labour force that drives the positive change. This cannot happen if they are not engaged. 

Flip aims to make engagement easy. With a roster of impressive clients such as Porsche, Rossmann, McDonalds, Flip under the leadership of Benedict Ilg is changing the future of deskless work. 

In this week's episode of Speak Like a CEO you can listen to Benedikt talk about the future of internal communications, the importance of honesty, and why you should always keep it simple. 

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