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Mind the EV Battery Recycling Gap

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As electric vehicle sales skyrocket, so too will the need for EV batteries and the metals that make them work. That’s where recycling comes in. By 2035, some 3.7 million metric tons of batteries could be nearing the end of their lives. Pull them apart to repurpose their innards, and you could have 10-18% of the key materials needed for battery manufacturing.

On today’s show, Dana is joined by BloombergNEF energy storage analyst Andy Leach. Together they discuss why production scrap from the manufacturing process is the most important feedstock for near-term recycling, how EV ownership rates across different regions will impact the longer-term availability of key metals, and the policies and incentives that are designed to encourage and enforce battery recycling.

Complementary BNEF research on the trends driving the transition to a lower-carbon economy can be found at BNEF on the Bloomberg Terminal, on bnef.com or on the BNEF mobile app.

Links to research notes from this episode:

Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Market Outlook 2024 – https://www.bnef.com/insights/33401

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