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#114 – How to speak like a CEO – Oliver @ WHU Women in Business Club

Episode #114 mit:
Oliver Aust
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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How can I inspire as a CEO? How do I communicate in an age-diverse company environment? And do female CEOs face other communication challenges than their male colleagues?

Irina Crisan, founder and president of the WHU Women in Business Club invited Oliver to answer these and more questions in depth in today’s special episode: the recording of a #StartTheConversation event from the Women in Business community at the WHU – the Otto Beisheim School of Management.

After a brief introduction into the backstory of how the podcast Speak like a CEO came about and why communications is a hard skill, Oliver talks about the nine steps needed to successfully communicate as a leader. Then Oliver answers the student’s questions:

  • As a junior, how can I effectively speak to a CEO? (00:30)
  • How can a CEO inspire the team to execute the company’s vision and mission? (00:32)
  • How can I ensure successful communication while maintaining my authenticity? (00:36)
  • How can I effectively communicate as a female leader? (00:40)
  • How can we communicate our personal values, even if they do not align with the company value priorities? (00:44)
  • How do you get the CEO to see the long-term win of innovative ideas? (00:48)
  • What tips does Oliver have to deal with the German failure culture? (00:51)
  • How much time should one invest to become a great speaker and where do you start? (00:56)
  • How do you communicate with coworkers that have a great age difference? (01:00)
  • How to communicate as an introvert CEO? (01:02)
  • When you enter a company to build a new department, how do you communicate with the other heads of department? (01:05)
  • How can you establish a reputation at the beginning of your career to set the stage to becoming a leader? (01:06)
  • How do you pitch your own topics as a junior to become visible at the leadership level? (01:08)
  • How do decide, who to send in front of the camera: is it always the person who has the best communication skills? (01:11)

Watch the whole event on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d48UtkLHOfQ

You can download the e-book – From Business to Thought-Leader in Nine Steps – mentioned in the episode here: https://www.oliveraust.com/from-business-leader-to-thought-leader

If you have feedback or questions, get in touch with Oliver: oliver@oliveraust.com

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