Driven by Data: The Podcast 23

S4 | Ep 23 | Increasing Enterprise Value; How Private Equity is Leveraging Data & AI to Fuel Growth with Caroline Zimmerman, Director of Data Product & Strategy at Profusion

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In Episode 23, of Season 4, of Driven by Data: The Podcast, Kyle Winterbottom is joined by Caroline Zimmerman, Director of Data Product & Strategy at Profusion, where they discuss the research study she helped to conduct into how private equity companies are leveraging Data & AI to fuel growth and enterprise value, which includes;

  • The catalyst for conducting the research study
  • Why the private equity has a very specific definition of value and how to measure it
  • Why PE has a lot to teach the corporate Data & Analytics landscape
  • The major differences between PE-backed firms and the rest when it comes to D&A
  • Focusing on enterprise value
  • Why time horizons are important and can create urgency with long-term thinking
  • The differences between PE Data Leaders and others
  • Why PE does ‘BI’ but not in the traditional sense
  • The power of growth modelling and the relationship with investment/capital allocation
  • The role of Data & Digital in value creation teams
  • The career opportunities for Data Leaders in PE
  • The two key ways that PE firms are using Data & Analytics across their portfolio
  • Obsessing over understanding your most valuable customers
  • Culture is still the main challenge to overcome
  • The differences between PE firms who specialise versus those with diversified portfolios
  • Why data monetisation affects multiple and not just profit
  • Why horizontal investments into data infrastructure don’t exist in PE
  • Why the D&A community should care about this research
  • Why it still should be all about making better decisions
  • Roles, titles and remuneration benchmarks of Data Leaders within PE
  • Where you can find/access the research study


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