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#175: Heroes are born in a crisis. Holger Weiss, German Autolabs

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“There is no day without communication.”

In his new book “Helden werden in der Krise geboren” (Heroes are born in crisis), Holger G. Weiss dissects the archetypical, existential crises many founders encounter – from product to founders to investor crisis – and how they avoid meltdown and instead emerge stronger.

As German Autolabs founder and CEO Holger knows, communication is a central part of your life as a CEO, especially when your startup encounters a crisis.

Holger’s book provides tangible solutions—supplemented by valuable experiences of founders of successful start-ups such as Sofatutor, Idealo, door2door, XbyX, Women in Balance, Signavio and others. More often than not, the issue can be averted by great communication.

Holger has 20+ years of experience building technology-driven companies with innovative business models in the future mobility sector. In this time, he has seen and mastered more than one crisis. .

Tune in and find out:

🤸🏽‍♂️ How to pivot your product from b2b to b2c without plunging your business into crisis

👸🏻 Why your investor is not your “agony aunt”

📣 What do founders often get wrong when communicating with the team

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