Speak Like a CEO 104

#104 - Building the #1 sports platform, with Andreas Kitzing

Episode #104 mit:
Andreas Kitzing
CEO & Founder
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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Athletes need sponsors, and sponsors need successful faces to link their names to. To bridge this mutual need, Andreas Kitzing founded Sponsoo – the current n°1 marketplace for sports sponsorships.

Sponsoo connects brands with athletes – from Olympic teams to local clubs, and takes care of over 5000 clubs and athletes. From football to e-sports, they have quickly established themselves as leaders in their domain.

Today, Andreas tells us about his journey, from doing his MBA at Cambridge to founding three start-ups. Having found the courage to disrupt a highly traditional industry, Andreas uses a range of strategies to differentiate himself and his company from the competition, from ‘f**k up nights’ to talk openly about failure to direct hustling in person with sportspeople. With a transparent communication style, an openness to feedback, and a humble attitude towards victory, Andreas is the sports entrepreneur to watch closely.

In this new episode of Speak Like A CEO, Andreas talks with Lena and Oliver talk about:

·  Andreas’ strategy to lead Sponsoo to success

·  Bringing data-driven strategies to a traditional industry

·  Tackling the high market fragmentation of the sponsorship industry

·  Using authenticity as a driving force in communications


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