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Pleo's CTO Meri Williams on Scaling Engineering, Open Source and Risks and Opportunities of GenAI

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Listen to a wide-ranging conversation about scaling engineering and technological innovation, between Meri Williams, CTO at Seedcamp-backed Pleo (previously CTO at Healx and Monzo, a.o.) and our Managing Partner Carlos Espinal.

They cover:
- Meri's career journey from building satellites as a teenager in South Africa to becoming one of Europe's most renowned CTOs;
- The importance of applied learning and deliberate practice in keeping up with the fast-paced changes in technology; and how to create a “culture of learning”;
- How to create the conditions and the environment for the success of your team as a CTO;
- The importance of diversity, values fit, and culture add;
- The current state of Generative AI, and the opportunities and risks it brings along;
- How to adapt to and mitigate Cybersecurity challenges;
- The role of Open Source in tech startups and scale-ups, and giving back to the OS community; and more.

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