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How to Make Money On Airbnb Without Owning Property with Jon Bell and Julian Sage: An EOFire Classic from 2021

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From the archive: This episode was originally recorded and published in 2021. Our interviews on Entrepreneurs On Fire are meant to be evergreen, and we do our best to confirm that all offers and URL's in these archive episodes are still relevant.

Jon Bell and Julian Sage teach people how to build a six or seven-figure business on Airbnb™ without owning property.

Top 3 Value Bombs

1. A lot people think that Airbnb is a fad. Doing it professionally is a completely different thing. If you’re going to immerse yourself in the industry, you’ll need help. You need somebody to co-host with you, or someone you can train with.

2. Things are not easy. Surround yourself with people who are successful and where you want to be rather than just going out on your own. You can shortcut your learning curve and save yourself so much time through coaches and mentors.

3. Airbnb is a place where it’s not necessarily a city that you have to be in. It’s an “experience” platform. A treehouse, or a tent in the middle of the woods, a lakefront home - all of these could kill it on Airbnb.

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