Speak Like a CEO 153

153: The new story of money. Katharina Gehra, Immutable Insight

Episode #153 mit:
Katharina Gehra
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Immutable Insight
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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Dare to rethink how money should work. This is what our guest today is passionate about. And that future of finance starts with a new story about money.

Katharina Gehra is the co-founder & CEO of Immutable Insight and manages one of the leading crypto hedge funds in Germany.

Coming from the traditional world of finance, she is now an integral part of the crypto industry. Katharina has been invited to speak to the German parliament on blockchain technology and has been named Top 40 under 40 three times in a row. She also co-hosts one of the most prestigious blockchain podcasts, Block52.

In episode #153, Katharina and Oliver take us on a deep dive into

  • The origin story of money, where it is heading and why so many societal issues are linked to it
  • Why we need a new story of money
  • The reason why Katharina is keen to ask questions
  • How a podcast can create an engaged community

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