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#136 - Future-proof finances with a purpose, Bastian Krautwald, wajve

Episode #136 mit:
Bastian Krautwald
CEO & Founder
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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Millennials want convenience, like being able to open a bank account in 10 minutes. The GenZ cohort expect convenience and also want a purpose they can relate to. So how well you communicate your purpose is becoming a main differentiator for companies targeting this group. Still, so far very few fintechs have created financial products for the next generation of customers. Bastian Krautwald’s company is one of the few exceptions. While still a student, he founded “deineStudienfinanzierung”, a platform for student loans with David Meyer. It even got them into “Die Höhle der Löwen“ (Germany’s „Shark Tank“). With their new product Wajve, the two founders raised 5 million in seed capital last year. The funding is intended to accelerate the roll-out of the platform for the first customers in Germany before it expands into other European markets.

Tune into an episode in which Oliver and Bastian discuss and analyse

😇 How to create the perfect message-market-fit for a specific audience

😎 How PR gets easier with a simple mindset shift

😅 What competitive sports have in common with entrepreneurship

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