Speak Like a CEO 133

#133 - From stigma to thriving business. Katharina Wäschenbach, Dearest

Episode #133 mit:
Katharina Waeschenbach
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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Today we talk about an issue that concerns over 100 million young people in Europe. During the pandemic our podcast guest, a couples therapist, was approached by many millennials who were struggling with their relationship skills. Even though the needs and situations were all quite different, Katharina Wäschenbach realised they could be resolved using the functional tools of couples therapy. But this needed a twist, because couples therapy is: (1) for two and not a coaching for one person. (2) highly stigmatised and suggests something is wrong that needs to be fixed. (3) is not easily accessed. Her conclusion: There is a huge demand that needed a digital solution. So she founded Dearest, a relationship wellness app for millennials.

Before stepping into the digital health business, Katharina worked in HR and Recruiting for companies like heycar, Foodspring and Unilever. With her new won passion for bringing the communication skills needed for thriving relationships to people, she is on the mission to democratise relationship health.

Tune in to find out:

🎨 How to shift public perception of a stigmatised issue

📡 Finding the right-message-market fit when dealing with emotions and relationships

🔐 What communications in relationships and in business have in common - and what not

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