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#89 - Lena & Oliver Special on Personal Branding

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Personal branding for CEOs: fad or must-have?

This is a question which CEOs and their communications teams are increasingly looking to address.

Perception now matters more than performance for CEOs, according to a 2014 study by management consultancy Roland Berger. So the debate is no longer whether CEOs need to invest in their reputation, but what the best way is to achieve this moving forwards.

Why does personal branding work for CEOs?

Personal branding for CEOs is no longer a vanity project. It is essential to the success of the company and its perception internally and externally. Here’s why:

-  There is a battle for attention. Traditional CEO communications is increasingly ineffective. It just doesn’t stand out enough when competing against dwindling attention spans.

-  Perceptions are now formed online. CEOs with an authentic, personal presence benefit from this.

-  Studies show that highly visible CEOs boost their businesses because they build trust.

-  Millennials are attracted by purpose-driven or mission-driven brands. That mission starts with the CEO.

Want to know how to make it happen? Tune into the episode with Lena and Oliver,  where they discuss this new trend.

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