Speak Like a CEO 109

# 109 - Thought Leadership in 9 Steps

Episode #109 mit:
Oliver Aust
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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How to Become a Thought Leader: The 9 Steps to Level Up Your Communication Game and Become Unignorable.

Traditional paths of corporate communications and public relations do not have the same impact as they did yesterday. Oliver prepared an episode for you packed with the information you need to turn yourself into a leading voice in your industry. Why is becoming a thought leader essential for business leaders today? Who can become a thought leader? And what exactly is a thought leader? These are questions, Oliver answers before giving you the nine steps from business to thought leadership.

The nine steps to stand out in business today are:

1.  Know your strategy (4:10)

2.  Develop your narrative (6:22)

3.  Perform a digital makeover (7:56)

4.  Chose your platform (10:44)

5.  Craft your signature talk (13:23)

6.  Gain visibility (15:06)

7.  Inspire internally (16:06)

8.  Protect yourself (17:57)

9.  Become unignorable (19:43)

You can download the e-book to the episode here: https://www.oliveraust.com/from-business-leader-to-thought-leader

If you have feedback or questions, get in touch with me! oliver@oliveraust.com

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