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234: Revolutionizing Work: The Rise of AI in Communications. Léa Steinacker

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Total content overload or 15 hour workweeks – what will AI bring? In this eye-opening conversation, Oliver speaks with Dr. Léa Steinacker, an award-winning social scientist, AI expert, podcaster and bestselling author.

Co-authored with Miriam Meckel, her new book on AI, ”Alles überall auf einmal” became an instant bestseller in Germany.

Léa explains that AI will likely have as much of an impact on our communication landscape as the internet had on our information landscape.

She provides insights into the extraordinary history of AI going back thousands of years, from ancient texts to Ada Lovelace's pioneering work in the 1800s.

Léa is also the co-founder and Executive Chairwoman of ada learning, a training and leadership development community that equips employees for the future.

Léa discusses both the huge potential for AI to increase productivity and creativity, as well as the risks of content overload and struggling to distinguish what's important.

Additionally, Léa shares her secrets to speaking in front of thousands – how she prepares, gauges what the audience needs and how creates her trademark presence on stage.

Whether you're hoping to leverage AI's benefits, are concerned about its implications, or simply want to communicate more effectively, this episode will leave you much wiser about the past, present and future of AI.

**Find out more about Léa at ⁠www.leasteinacker.com/

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