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192: Be everywhere where your customers are. Sven Lackinger, Co-founder of Sastrify

Episode #192 mit:
Sven Lackinger
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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How many digital tools do you use? Chances are you’ve already used at least a dozen by the time you got to the office today. Now imagine managing the digital tools for a company of several thousand people…

As the company and team grow, so does the number of tools we use and need to manage. Software is now in the top 3 of expenses for many companies. 

This is the problem Sven Lackinger is solving with his company, Sastrify, that just raised a €30m Series B round. He helps companies make sense of the software they have within their enterprise. 

When Sven and his co-founder Max sold their first company to a large corporation, they realised the challenge big businesses face when managing their software stack. From this realisation, Sastrify was born – a scale-up that helps companies make sense of their software.

How did Sven and Sastrify successfully navigate the rapidly changing world of software? By knowing their customers and being everywhere where their customers are. According to Sven, it is all about reaching the correct people and putting all sales efforts towards this select group. 

Today Sastrify is a global brand with around 150 employees based in over 18 countries. Thanks to focus on transparency, company culture, and hiring good people they are just getting started. 

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