Speak Like a CEO 19


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Ever been in a situation where you really wished you knew what the other person was thinking? Well, we aren’t talking to any psychics today, but we’ve got the next best thing.  Today we are joined with Germany’s mindreader, Gerrit Richter CEO and founder of leading opinion poll tech company Civey. Civey has over 1 million active participants per month, and with the European parliamentary elections coming up in May, polling is a hot topic. 

But polling doesn’t need to be political. Gerrit lets us in on everything from what makes a company successful to user feedback to how the Internet is full of people who just want to express their opinion and what makes polling important. He also talks about how, in the polling business, trust and transparency are of utmost importance and lets us into how communicating change can allow a company to grow fast. So put away your crystal balls and let’s head to the polls. Enjoy.