Speak Like a CEO 162

162: E-Commerce that doesn’t Cost the Earth . Melissa Wijngaarden, Noor Veenhoven, Marcella Wijngaarden, Impactbytes

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We all want more sustainable fashion and ethically produced goods. But greenwashing and wishy-washy information make us unsure which products are really sustainable.

Enter Impactbytes (https://www.impactbytes.io), the growth engine for sustainable e-commerce. It’s the brainchild of the impressive Amsterdam-based founding trio Noor Veenhoven and sisters Marcella and Melissa Wijngaarden. The @TechstarsBerlin alumni are building the machine that powers the web with sustainable product data so that ethical businesses thrive. They already partner with the likes of Ecosia and (investor friends, take note) are currently fundraising to bring sustainable goods to bigger and bigger audiences.

Tune into this episode to get your weekly dose of CEO insights into:

🚀 How to successfully transition from a customer-facing brand to a new behind-the-scenes product

📸 How to get into the media as an early-stage startup

📣 Whether purpose really helps to get your message out

👭🏻 And what it’s really like to start a business with your sibling!

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And here’s the link to the episode with Ecosia’s founder Christian Kroll: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0UoA4bvJLM3c3iDcL4729r?si=Ce4tnGzBQ3im3-rTIE3T1A

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