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154: Own your communication. Hanna Marie Asmussen, Localyze

Episode #154 mit:
Hanna Marie Asmussen
Co-Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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Say no to borders and bureaucracy and yes to openness and simplicity! Our guest today believes that international mobility is beneficial for all and is doing her part to make the process a positive experience for businesses and employees.

Having experienced the expat life herself, polyglot Hanna Marie Asmussen, co-founder and CEO of Localyze, knows exactly how complex and bureaucratic it can be to move abroad for a new job. In the absence of a state-of-the-art digital solution, she developed and founded Localyze in 2018 with co-founders Lisa Dahlke and Franziska Löw. Localyze simplifies the management of international teams by providing a comprehensive platform that automates processes and contains all relevant information and documents in one place.

Half a year after founding Localyze, the company was accepted into Y Combinator – the mother of all accelerators. The company has grown ever since and now aims to expand from Europe into North America and to reach a total of 50 markets by 2025. In episode #154, Hannah not only tells us her personal backstory: living, studying and working as an expat and founding with friends but also talks about:

  • What they teach you at Y Combinator to level up your communications
  • How to own your personal communication as a leader
  • How level three conversations change everything
  • The best way to stand out among thousands of startups
  • How a startup’s communications system needs to change as the team grows

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