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QC#37: Obsessing over details vs. delegating

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In this week’s Quick Coffee, we are taking time to chat about a topic relevant for everyone managing other people in a project or company: Delegation vs. focusing on every detail. We speak about the challenges we have had ourselves with becoming strong at delegating within the team’s we have built, while still staying in control of the details that fundamentally matter to a company or product. How can you become strong at delegating? What is important when it comes to communication? And when not to delegate? Grab a coffee and listen in!


Our episode overview

(00:00:00) Intro to the episode, personal updates from Felix and Pat

(00:02:30) Quick chat about “Pat’s Yearly Meetup”

(00:07:45) Kickoff for our topic: Different styles of management and leadership

(00:09:30) Defining delegation, micromanagement and obsession over details

(00:12:00) The “public wisdom” of what you need to be as a manager

(00:16:05) Specific guidance for people managers and the conflict between micromanagement and obsession over details

(00:24:33) Wrapup and see you next week


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