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231: How to build a brand in 15 minutes. Howie Chan, Brand Strategist.

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A brand is not a logo or a misspelled word. “It's the perception someone has about a company.”

In this actionable episode, Howie Chan breaks down his step-by-step process for building a powerful brand in just 15 minutes.

Howie is a sought-after branding expert, the founder of Healthy Brand Consulting, and the creator of Legend Letters, one of the fastest-growing newsletters out there.

We discuss how you can define your brand's “organizing idea”, identify what makes you truly differentiated and relevant, understand what you're really selling beyond your products or services, and craft messaging that unlocks customer problems.

Howie also shares what the biggest traps are in branding, how brands get diluted, and how brands serve as a shortcut for customer decisions.

Whether you're launching a startup or revamping an existing business, this is a master class in strategic brand-building.

If you want to create a brand that resonates deeply and serves as a shortcut for customer decisions, don't miss this tactics-packed episode.

Because as Howie says, “You are what you are in the mind of your audience” – so make sure to shape those minds.


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