Speak Like a CEO 180

180: People want true leadership! Sophie Chung, Qunomedical

Episode #180 mit:
Sophie Chung
CEO and Founder
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications

Sophie Chung is back on the podcast! She is the founder & CEO of Qunomedical where she is building a much-needed CRM for hospitals to improve patient care.

A force of nature, Sophie was our guest on Episode #9, “No Bullshit”, and she still lives by that mantra – now more than ever.

Sophie and Oliver discuss how especially in tough times, “No BS” really counts. But you often see the opposite, argues Sophie. “You just know they are bullshitting.”

“It’s misleading, it’s not helpful. I’m trying to be different. Whenever I say something, I want to be genuine, truthful, value-adding. Not saying something you have heard a hundred times before.”

People who are listening to you are not stupid, they want true leadership.

Sophie & Oliver also dive into Qunomedical’s shift in focus from a B2C service for patients to a B2B software suite for hospitals.

With patients, digital marketing & SEO ruled. That’s different for a B2B software product. “No one googles patient relationship management software.”

Now it’s about bringing the content to the people who are interested. “Talk about the cause, the why. This is where you can start a conversation.” This can happen on LinkedIn or at events.

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