Speak Like a CEO 168

168: Don’t limit your marketing budget. Christian Meermann, Cherry Ventures

Episode #168 mit:
Christian Meermann
Founding Partner
Cherry Ventures
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications

The biggest mistake a company can make is not to communicate at all. As a founder, you need to start in the early stages and continually be strategic and smart about it,“ says Christian Meermann. Together with Daniel Glasner and Filip Felician Dames, Christian has backed some of Europes most game-changing ventures.

Their VC Cherry Ventures teams up with founders from all industries, beginning at the (pre-)seed stage. Their impressive portfolio includes the likes of Auto1, Flixbus, Formel Skin, Forto, Flaschenpost, Flink, Amboss, and many more.

Prior to Cherry, Christian was instrumental in scaling ecommerce giant Zalando as their long-time CMO. Lacking experience when he started, Christian studied 500-page book “Website Boosting 2.0“ at night and applied what he learnt the next day.

Tune in to find out:
🚦When startups should not limit their marketing budget
🪢 What the key skills of a CMO are today
📣 Why a brand name matters so much
🌳 Why entrepreneurship is vital for society
💸 How the world of venture capital is changing in Europe

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