Speak Like a CEO 155

#155: Speak the language of your audience. Christine Kiefer, RIDE Capital

Episode #155 mit:
Christine Kiefer
RIDE Capital
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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“You don’t have to be 65 to live your dreams,“ believes our guest. Her business is all about giving people this opportunity much sooner in life, by helping them to build wealth.

Christine Kiefer is the co-founder of RIDE Capital. RIDE is a private bank for the digital age that helps customers structure their portfolio in an optimal and tax-efficient way. Customers already trust RIDE with close to a quarter of a billion Euros in assets – a massive amount for a four year old company. This was made possible through great communication and messaging.

Christine Kiefer also founded Fintech Ladies, a network for women involved in digitalisation and innovation in finance. This year she also joined Angelinvest as a venture partner.

In episode #155, Christine shares:

  • The unusual way she met the perfect co-founder, Felix Schulte
  • How to create a virtuous cycle of communication
  • Why speaking the language of your audience is the key to a successful communications strategy
  • How to be a better founder
  • Her secrets to building an engaged community

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