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#129 - On basements, building a brand and saving billions - Tamaz Georgadze, Raisin

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Some stories just make you sit up and listen. Today’s episode features Tamaz Georgadze, co-founder and CEO of Raisin, the leading marketplace that links private investors to savings products from all over Europe. Tamaz became a chess master at 4, started university at 15 and held two PhDs before most one of us knew what we wanted to do with our lives. In 2012, the former McKinsey partner launched Raisin with his two co-founders in a Berlin basement. Together they have grown the fintech into a company with hundreds of employees, 650.000+ customers and multiple brands (including Weltsparen) operating in numerous markets.

When launching Raisin, Tamaz faced a huge challenge: Why would anyone trust their fledging business in a basement with their money? He overcame this challenge by applying two of the most important lessons in communications: 1) Your personal story can carry you a long way; and 2) the most valuable building block of a successful business is trust, and trust is created by transparent communications.

In this episode, Tamaz shares plenty of other insights with us including:

  • What the savings business has to do with uniting Europe
  • When your personal brand matters and when it doesn’t
  • What you can learn from sales to communicate better as a leader
  • Why transparency matters most when building a high-performing company culture

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