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State of the Office Market and Remote Work's Impact on Commercial Real Estate and Cities, with VTS CEO & Founder Nick Romito

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Chief Content & Growth Officer
Traded: New York
Co-Founder and General Partner
Camber Creek
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Nick Romito is the CEO and Founder of VTS, Commercial Real Estate's leading leasing and asset management platform. Under his leadership, VTS has grown to more than 60% of Class A office space in the US and over 12 billion square feet of office, retail, and industrial is managed through the VTS platform globally.

(1:23) - State of the Office market
(7:20) - Office space in the hybrid work era
(11:55) - CRE debt maturity
(13:37) - Feature: Raccord - Collect, organize and use CRE data seamlessly
(15:46) - How will CRE owners and operators evolve
(23:23) - How will CRE tenant experience evolve
(25:56) - VTS's present and future
(29:30) - Future of Cities: NYC
(36:14) - Discomfort Zone: Remote work

Learn more:
VTS Office Demand Index February 2023 (report)
VTS (website)

Raccord (website) - Collect, access and utilize commercial real estate data instantly

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