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QC#35: Choosing and supporting the people to work with

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Welcome to this week’s Quick Coffee! Have you ever wondered what it is like to consider your colleagues friends? In this week’s episode, we will explore the numerous benefits of working in a close-knit team. Communication takes center stage in such an environment, and we’ll delve into the pivotal role it plays. How does open and effective communication contribute to a harmonious work culture among friends? Additionally, we’ll address the challenge of integrating new members into this unique friendship-based culture. How can teams maintain their close-knit dynamics while ensuring a smooth onboarding process for newcomers?

If you’re curious to learn more about the benefits of working in a team of friends, grab a coffee and listen in!

Our episode overview

(00:00:00) Special summer break announcement

(00:09:15) Why the people you surround yourself with matter

(00:14:18) Should colleagues become friends?

(00:15:50) Creating a safe, open space for communication

(00:17:50) What it takes to successfully work and collaborate with friends

(00:19:08) The great privilege of working with friends

(00:22:22) Shoutout to the Blossom & Sonic teams

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