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QC#31: Building a company’s vision

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In this week’s Quick Coffee, we are discussing what role having a clear vision plays in building a successful company. Some of the questions we will be reflecting on are: Should a company’s vision aim for positive impact beyond financial success? What are the key building blocks of a vision as a source of inspiration? Can a vision evolve over time and still be effective?

If you’re a startup founder, investor, or someone curious about the importance of vision in building a great company, grab a cup of coffee and tune in!

Our episode overview

(00:00:00) Welcome back and reflection on the Sonic Offsite & Cape Town trip

(00:07:30) Can a successful company be built without a vision?

(00:12:10) Should a a company’s vision aim for positive impact beyond financial success?

(00:17:22) Excitement as the driving force behind a compelling vision

(00:19:50) A company’s vision can evolve over time

(00:19:50) Great visions act as sources of inspiration

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