Startup to Storefront 242

Orange County Soccer Club ⚽ - Daniel Rutstein

Episode #242 mit:
Managing Partner
Ventana Ventures
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Get ready for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Orange County Soccer Club with Daniel Rutstein! Discover how this trailblazing professional soccer team in Orange County is setting a new standard for sports and community engagement. 

In this episode, we unpack the strategies and initiatives that drive OCSC's success:

⚽  Building a passionate and fan-focused community: Learn how OCSC fosters a vibrant and inclusive community around the love of soccer, and the impact it has on the organization's growth and success.

⚽ The fascinating story behind the gnome and how it became their fastest selling non-apparel item.

⚽  Exploring groundbreaking fan engagement strategies and the bold decision to put a percentage of the club up for sale: Gain insights into OCSC's innovative approach to fan involvement, and the forward-thinking move to offer fans a stake in the club.


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