Speak Like a CEO 197

197: Diversity Drives Better Communication. Stephanie von Behr, Founderland

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Founderland is Europe’s fastest growing community of women founders of colour. In this week's episode of Speak Like a CEO, Oliver hosts Stephanie von Behr, Managing Director of Founderland. 

Founderland is not your average community. Stephanie, together with experienced founders Deborah Choi and Alina Bassi (our guest in E94) have been highly intentional about building the brand, deepening the community and making a real-life impact.

Stephanie urges everyone to branch out and to hire from different segments, rather than just sticking to warm connections. One of the reasons: diverse leadership teams tend to be better at communications. 

Diverse teams are challenging because of cultural nuances you need to consider, and demand a more vulnerable and self-aware team. This improves culture, communications and the business at large. 

To find out more about the incredible work at Founderland, check out https://www.founderland.org

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