Speak Like a CEO 156

156: Communication is a CEO's strongest powertool. Christian Wiens, Getsafe

Episode #156 mit:
Christian Wiens
CEO & Founder
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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Speak Like A CEO is back after the summer break.

Today's guest is the CEO and co-founder of a trailblazing company that digitalizes the conservative insurance industry and has raised $115m+ in the process: Getsafe. The InsurTech scale-up is based in Heidelberg. „Not being in Germany's start-up tech capital Berlin gives us the freedom to build a company culture that is independent of startup trends“, says Christian Wiens. This has given the company the „Day 1 feeling” since 2018.

Christian develops his communication skills consciously and continuously. The same applies to the company itself. A rare beast among tech companies, Getsafe is in it for the long run, thinking decades into the future.

Tune into this episode to hear from an inspirational CEO who is hardly your typical insurance industry guy:

• How to position yourself as a challenger brand in a traditional industry and win 300.000+ customers
• Why the CEO is chief communicator
• How storytelling and messaging empowered Getsafe to raise $115m+

We also dive into Christians personal backstory (it all started with broken glass) and his best piece of comms advice.

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