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#149: Pitching for Impact. Freda Katunda Olsen, LEAP

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„If you want people to buy in to who you are, then you have to have a really, really great story behind it.“ Freda Katunda Olsen

Born in Kinshasa, raised in the USA and currently living in Germany, our guest today is on a mission to create lasting change globally. Freda Katunda Olsen cofounded LEAP in 2020, an ed-tech startup that provides healthcare education across Africa. In partnership with UNICEF, the London School of Economics, international universities and African organisations, among others, the platform provides better, faster and cheaper healthcare training to more people and reduce brain drain. Freda recently won the Social Hero Award from Global Digital Women. She is passionate about leadership and storytelling, and has lots to share about how impact-driven ventures can pitch to investors.

Tune in to #149: Pitching for Impact where we discuss:

  • How to build a strong company culture for remote multinational team
  • Why storytelling is crucial for building a successful venture (and what to avoid)
  • Whether all exposure is good exposure

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