Speak Like a CEO 110

#110 - Communicate your vision and purpose! Eva-Maria Meijnen, PlusDental

Episode #110 mit:
Eva-Maria Meijnen
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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Her company is set to become Germany’s first female-led unicorn. Eva-Maria Meijnen is the co-CEO of PlusDental. The Berlin-based start-up has digitalised the entire dental correction process: from making the appointment to planning the treatment, from follow-up checks to billing, each step is carried out on their self-developed digital dentistry platform. The goal is to make tooth straightening available to everyone at a reasonable price. PlusDental already has a presence in eight European countries and will now accelerate growth even further. Investors have recently invested millions, including World Cup football star Mario Götze. So Eva is well on her way to leading a billion euro company.

In this episode, she talks all about her communication style. Tune in to find out more about:

🎳 How communication works in a team of three CEOs.

🎨 How to prepare for new market entries from a communications perspective.

🎤 How the consumer research the message-market-fit differs from country to country

🎯 How recruiting a quickly expanding team and talking to investors works during a pandemic and

⚽️ If it is helpful to have a big name among the investors.

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