Idea to Startup 137

When to Pivot and When to Stick (aka what to do with all your startup ideas) ITS Classic

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Tacklebox Accelerator Corp.
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Today, we'll talk about one of the most common hurdles entrepreneurs run into - getting tempted by a new idea a few months into working on their main idea. We lay out a framework to identify the first principles of the new idea fast so you can decide if it's worth a pivot. We also dig in on why the urge to pivot shows up, procrastination, and how to win a baking contest. And, English Lords from the 17th century.


00:26 Intro
05:40 Chronic Pain Side Idea
08:30 Smooth Jazz
09:00 All Babies Are Cute
13:00 Internal vs. External Signal
14:01 Why You Have a Lawn
16:50 What to Look For in a New Idea
20:30 How to Win a Baking Competition

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