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Tim Dillon (Comedian): "The Boomers Are A Selfish Generation!". "Gen Z Has Exposed Society's Scam!". "Bosses Are Being Threatened By Mental Illnesses!"

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Making a living by telling jokes, takes making it through a life that’s no joke.

Tim Dillon is a comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show podcast. In 2017, Rolling Stone magazine named him as one of the top 10 comics you need to know, and in 2022, he released his first Netflix standup special, ‘Tim Dillon: A Real Hero’.

In this conversation Tim and Steven discuss topics such as, how his mother’s illness inspired him to become funny, his addiction, how Generation Z has exposed society’s scams, and the mental health struggles that pushed him into becoming a comedian.

00:00 Intro
02:01 I Was a Closeted Gay Addict
03:23 Which One of Your Parents Were Depressed?
07:03 The Impact of Your Parent's Mental Illnesses on You
09:05 Your Parents Divorce
12:32 Childhood Trauma & Taking Drugs
15:51 Hitting Rock Bottom
19:40 AA Meetings
23:15 Trying to Get Sober
24:27 Being a Juror on a Murder Crime
27:41 His First Open Mic Comedy Show
29:25 The Taboos in Comedy
33:20 Why You Don't Get Cancelled
36:09 The Podcasting World
39:42 What’s Up With The Different Generations?
48:09 What Are His Goals in Comedy
49:18 Have You Processed Your Trauma?
55:38 His Experience with Therapy
58:24 Coming Out as Gay & Dating
01:01:50 What Do You Love About Yourself?
01:05:00 Mental Health Coping Mechanisms
01:07:27 Elon Musk Buying Twitter
01:08:35 Social Media Criticism
01:09:46 Touring The World
01:15:03 What Happens in Hollywood?
01:17:40 Rising to the Top: The American Dream
01:20:51 New Generations Don't Work Hard
01:21:49 Remote Working
01:25:05 The Future of AI
01:30:26 Men's Mental Health
01:33:53 Andrew Tate's Influence
01:34:49 Who Should You Have Apologized to and You Didn't?

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