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How Superplastic Built a Social Media-Native Character Universe

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Paul Budnitz, founder of Superplastic, and Jennifer van Dijk, CEO of Superplastic, join Christina Des Vaux, head of marketing and platform at Village Global, on this episode. Takeaways:

  • Superplastic is a creatively-led company that has managed to maintain its unique identity and artistic integrity while nevertheless running a thriving business.
  • The team comes up with ideas for characters but the characters grow and change as the audience gives them their own identities.
  • They’ve learned a lot from the people who make games and are willing to iterate and make changes quickly.
  • They shy away from initiatives that would make money fairly easily but don’t grab the attention of the creative team.
  • Paul says there is always a solution to everything and their job is to keep looking for it, whether that’s a creative solution or a business solution.
  • They’ve created their own tech stack that enables them to create animations in hours that used to take weeks.
  • Paul and Jennifer say that the edge is the new center of culture. The characters they’ve created are weird, but likeable.

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