EU-Startups Podcast 61

Episode 61: Carmen Alfonso Rico - Founder & Angel Investor at Cocoa: How to Fundraise Like a PRO

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In this episode, Carmen Alfonso Rico, Founder and Angel Investor at Cocoa, talks about her background and cultural influences, the story behind Cocoa and the chocolate making process, and the concept of in-house VC. Carmen also explains investment terms that she coined at Cocoa and shares her insights on fundraising. The episode concludes with a discussion on Carmen's upcoming projects and initiatives.


1.When approaching investors, warm introductions and clear, concise pitches are key.
2.Founders should consider the value add and personal fit of investors, as well as the dilution and complexity of fundraising.
3.Fundraising is a B2B sales and dating process that requires building momentum and maintaining transparency.
4.The round equation framework helps founders make strategic decisions aligned with their long-term vision.
5.Honesty, personal fit, and the ability to grow into a valuation are crucial in securing funding.
6.Optimizing for top-line valuation should be balanced with minimizing dilution and considering the complexity of the round.
7.Founders should approach fundraising with common sense, apply hassle, and think of it as a long-term relationship.

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