What Is Money 456

Confronting Evil & Embracing Humanity with Luke De Wolf (WIM456)

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 – Intro
– Helping Lightning Startups with In Wolf’s Clothing
– Understanding the concept of evil
– Hostile brothers: consensualism vs coercivism 
– Ongoing process of adaptation and the responses to the unknown 
 – Two personalities of the adversaries: the fascist and a decadent

 – Run Your Business from Anywhere with NetSuite
– Dissident Dialogues 2024
 – Nature of evil, following the heroic path, and the user manual for being human
– Heart and Soil Supplements
– Anthony’s Biohacking Secrets
– Mythological archetype of evil and the subtlety of evil
 – Swan Bitcoin: Set up instant and recurring Bitcoin buys
 – Bitcoin 2024: The largest Bitcoin and Fintech conference in the world
 – What is original sin?
– From polytheism to monotheism 
 – Difficulty of describing that which is beyond words
– Totalitarianism of knowledge and calling out a fraud
– Why the evil propagates, living by the lie
 – Danger of rejecting wisdom traditions
 – Horrific realities of evil from the 20th century


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