Speak Like a CEO 189

189: Communication is the new sales strategy. Viktoria Lindner, Mindsurance

Episode #189 mit:
Viktoria Lindner
CEO and Commercial-Co-Founder
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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Viktoria Lindner is a former model, psychiatrist, CEO and founder of digital mental health startup Mindsurance.

Mindsurance is an all-in-one solution for organisations to streamline their entire employee mental healthcare operations. They help to analyse employee mental health, find and match the right care provider, and deal with the bureaucratic parts of insurance providers.

Improving mental health among employees is essential, also because absence rates in organisations are increasing from year to year due to mental health challenges. 

Viktoria is a big believer in the role of communications in scaling the business: “There is no bad communication. Get started, and you will become better and better over time. When you never start, you never give the world the chance to learn about you and your product.”

She sees it as a key to unlock growth. “How people purchase products and services has changed.” They don’t want to be flooded by sales messages. They ignore most inbound. Instead, they want to educate themselves. When the time is right for them, they come to you. When that happens, they are ready to buy - unless you screw it up. 

Her analysis is spot-on. Demand generation is now so much more powerful than lead generation. That’s why the best companies focus on pre-suasion and pre-sales through communications. It creates the demand that makes sales a piece of cake. 

Viktoria decided to strategically position Mindsurance as a safe space that acts as a guide on an employee’s mental healthcare journey. To create trust with employees, Mindsurance does not offer a white-label solution. However, this poses challenges, as their customers would like to see data to understand what initiatives are effective, for instance, in decreasing absence levels.   


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