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#140 - How to pitch to investors - the Neuroscience of Startup Stories, Gerrit McGowan

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Gerrit McGowan is an investor, entrepreneur and startup mentor who has coached over 1000 founders and entrepreneurs across five continents. He is also the host of ‘The Most Awesome Founder’ podcast and recently launched the Rainmaking Venture Studio in Germany that partners with corporates to invest and build high-growth companies.

In this episode, Gerrit and Oliver take a deep dive into the all-important equity story (aka pitch) that all founders need to master in order to raise money, in particular:

– Why founders only have two tasks: to build s**t and tell stories.

– How to craft an equity story that generates generosity in investors

– How founders can use the neuroscience behind stories to their advantage

– What boxing and pitching have in common

– Why FOMO and ‘Fake it ’til you make it‘ are really bad ideas while humour can work a treat

For more of Gerrit’s insights into the neuroscience of business and building companies, check out Episode 103 – The art of peak performance.

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