Speak Like a CEO 108

#108 - Want to think better and more? Start supplementing your diet, with Fabian Foelsch

Episode #108 mit:
Fabian Foelsch
CEO & Co-Founder
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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You can directly improve your brain function with supplements, and Fabian Foelsch is here to tell us all about it.

Fabian is the CEO and founder of BRAINEFFECT, which produces science-based natural supplements focused on improving sleep, well-being, concentration and energy. Combining a top product with educational communications, BRAINEFFECT helps costumers navigate the new world of supplements. Their message focuses on the effect rather than on the ingredients, because most costumers don’t have time to learn about all things nutrition before getting a good night sleep.

By using essential communications tools and techniques, like social media, influencer marketing and digital events, BRAINEFFECT has built a strong community and reaches over 1 million hits on its digital magazine every month.

Tune in to hear Lena and Oliver talking with Fabian Foelsch about:

·  How his leadership is driven by communications

·  How Fabian puts an emphasis on educating his customers about nutrition and well-being

·  How the company’s digital magazine reaches over 1 million hits a month with its content about well-being

·  How to combine physical products and digital coaching


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