Startup Therapy 249

This is BOOTSTRAPPED - 3 Strategies to Build Your Startup Without Funding

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In this episode of the startup therapy podcast, Ryan Rutan and Wil Schroter delve into bootstrapping a startup. They address common misconceptions about funding, emphasizing the importance of making do with what you have and prioritizing what's truly necessary for business growth. The conversation covers practical ways to manage expenses without external funding, including strategies for hiring, marketing, and managing operational costs through discipline and creative solutions. 

The hosts share personal experience on how to navigate the challenges of bootstrapping, highlighting the importance of being resourceful, making money to spend money, and avoiding typical startup traps. 

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00:00 Welcome to Startup Therapy

00:08 The Realities of Bootstrapping

01:35 Navigating the Bootstrapping Journey

04:50 Mastering the Art of Compensation in Bootstrapping

22:00 Innovative Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

26:50 Leveraging Vendor Terms and Historical Examples

28:18 The Power of Deferred Payments in Business Growth

33:20 Strategic Use of Credit Cards for Business Expenses

42:20 The Path to Efficient Startup Growth

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