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QC#47: What happened to N26?

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In this week’s Quick Coffee, we talk about N26, a product both Felix and Pat have been using for many years, but that has changed very little in the past two years. We are diving into the FinTech space with a short introduction, and afterwards look at specific N26 screens and features to discuss how the N26 app has evolved over the years. Why did Pat cancel his subscription? What is he using instead? And who does Felix think is the winner in this space? Grab a coffee and listen in!

Our episode overview

(00:00:00) Intro to the episode, personal updates from Felix and Pat

(00:04:52) A quick overview of the FinTech space by Felix

(00:09:30) Which company is the current winner in the space?

(00:10:52) Overview by Pat on which banking platforms he is using and why

(00:12:17) What is wrong with the N26 app today

(00:19:30) Why Pat canceled his subscription with N26

(00:22:50) What happened with N26? Why are they where they are today? And why is there such a big difference to Revolut?

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