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QC#29: The mindset to find product market fit

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In this week’s Quick Coffee we are talking about the journey towards finding product market fit. How is product market fit defined and how can you realize that your product or service has achieved it? How can you maximise your chances of getting there and how to deal with not having gotten there yet? We are looking at these questions and many more from the perspectives of our founding journeys. If you want to learn more about our experiences with finding product market fit, grab a coffee and listen in!

Our episode overview

(00:00:00) The new Sonic & Blossom partnership with deeploi

(00:04:39) How we define product market fit

(00:07:40) Initially focus on those few customers who truly love your products

(00:12:10) Adopt a customer-centric mindset to find product market fit

(00:17:12) Two ways to realize product-market fit has been achieved

(00:19:22) How to be transparent with your team around product market fit

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