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OpenAI's GPT-5 Looms, Apple's Antitrust Problem, Sports Betting's Big Scandal

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The Information’s Jessica Lessin and CNBC’s Steve Kovach join us for a star studded Friday episode breaking down the week’s news. Lessin is the CEO and founder of The Information and co-host of the More or Less podcast. Kovach is a technology correspondant at CNBC. We cover (with Lessin): 1) Rumors of GPT-5 being shown to founders, and what it might look like 2) Whether OpenAI is vulnerable now that model quality is converging 3) Satya Nadella’s claims that Microsoft effectively controls all the value of OpenAI 4) Inflection leadership heads to Microsoft 5) Inflection investors are pissed 6) Why Inflection failed 7) Google and Apple’s potential AI agreement 8) Would The Information use Google’s new tool for newsrooms. And with Kovach: 9) Outline of the DOJ’s case against Apple 10) How Apple is feeling about the case 11) Merits of the case 12) Shohei Ohtani’s betting problems.
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