EU-Startups Podcast 58

Episode 58: Holger Seim - Co-founder & CEO of Blinkist: Get More Knowledge in Less Time

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In this episode, Holger Seim, Co-founder and CEO of Blinkist, discusses the origin story of Blinkist and the fulfillment he finds in meeting customers who have benefited from the app. He explains the power of short-form content in a world of information overload and how it caters to the needs of modern readers and listeners. Holger shares a transformative lesson from the book ‘Mindset' and discusses how his own reading habits have evolved over time. He also talks about the turning point in Blinkist's journey and the impact of Blinkist on creators and the audience. Holger teases exciting projects and features in the pipeline and shares his ideal Blinkist and chill scenario. He concludes by discussing his next big goals and personal challenges.


1.Meeting customers and hearing their stories is one of the most fulfilling parts of being a founder.
2.Short-form content is a powerful tool in a world of information overload and can deliver great learning experience and results.
3.Entrepreneurs should have a bias for action, seek mentors and peers for guidance, and focus on simplifying and delivering core value to customers.

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