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Encore: When Your Face is Your Ticket

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Face mapping and other tracking systems are changing the sports experience in the stands and on the court. In part-three of this latest series on facial recognition, Jennifer Strong and the team at MIT Technology Review jump on the court to unpack just how much things are changing. This episode was originally published December 8, 2020.

We meet: 
Donnie Scott, senior vice president of public security, IDEMIA
Michael D'Auria, vice president of business development, Second Spectrum
Jason Gay, sports columnist, The Wall Street Journal
Rachel Goodger, director of business development, Fancam
Rich Wang, director of analytics and fan engagement, Minnesota Vikings

This episode was reported and produced by Jennifer Strong, Anthony Green, Tate Ryan-Mosley, Emma Cillekens and Karen Hao. We’re edited by Michael Reilly and Gideon Lichfield.

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