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AI Opportunities for Real Estate, Regional Banks' Impact on CRE & Creating Value with Software, with Dealpath CEO Mike Sroka

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Chief Content & Growth Officer
Traded: New York
Co-Founder and General Partner
Camber Creek
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Mike Sroka, CEO and Co-founder of Dealpath, a leading cloud-based software platform for commercial real estate investment and development teams, including Blackstone, Nuveen, Oxford Properties and L+M. Mike currently also contributes to Forbes' Real Estate Council, and previously worked as a PM at Zynga. Edward & Jeff are joined by friend of Tangent Zach Aarons (GP & Co-founder at MetaProp).

(1:35) - Future of Cities: San Francisco
(5:07) - Signature Bank's and regional banks' impact on commercial real estate
(12:34) - Tangent Glossary: NY's Local Law 97's site
(13:52) - Bright side of CRE: Industrial, Logistics & Manufacturing in Latin America & emerging markets
(16:46) - Dealpath's and Mike's origin entrepreneurial story
(20:09) - Feature - KODA: Minimalist luxury living in a spaciously sustainable house
(21:07) - Dealpath's value propositions
(26:16) - Dealpath's ‘killer' product
(28:21) - Proptech adoption & displacing legacy real estate systems
(33:27) - The Impact & Opportunities of Generative AI in Real Estate (MetaProp's White Paper)
(40:27) - Discomfort Zone: Stanley Druckenmiller's inflation prediction

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