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262. Quarterly Planning Workshop: The 7 and 8 Figure Scale Roadmap For Your Business

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Why wait until January 1st to start hitting your revenue goals? There’s still time to make 2023 a successful year. This week on CEO School, reflect on Q3 and plan for an even better Q4 by turning your big dreams into tangible goals with Suneera’s tried and true quarterly planning sessions. Introducing The CEO School Accelerator. Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? Join my exclusive, 8-week coaching program, and gather the right tools and resources to scale your business effectively and sustainably. Entrepreneurship is hard and the road is overwhelming, lonely, and uncertain. By joining The Accelerator, you go from bearing the pressure of scaling your business to learning from a 9-figure founder and expert. Visit today. Elevate your leadership. Elevate your success. Don’t miss out. Join The CEO School Accelerator now. Caught the bonus in the episode? Use Code: PODCASTBONUS to claim yours today!

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