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237: How TeleportMe rejected Google & Disrupted the Digital Map | Vineet Devaiah (CEO, TeleportMe)

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Vice President Marketing

This podcast episode brings to light the entrepreneurial journey of Vineeth, the founder of TeleportMe, through a riveting dialogue on the Startup Operator Podcast. It traces the Indian startup ecosystem's evolution from 2012, marking a shift from pure engineering zeal to a more polished, professional approach to building startups. Vineeth opens up about TeleportMe's early days, including turning down a Google acquisition, to mastering the panorama app market, culminating in over 20 million downloads and pivoting towards a B2B model aimed at disrupting the VR and AR spaces with a crowdsourced street view concept. The episode encapsulates the essence of product-led growth, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of solving complex problems. It offers a unique perspective on navigating competition, leveraging user feedback, and the importance of focusing on specific market segments to transform from a pioneer to a market leader in the tech landscape.

00:00 The Evolution of Payments in India: A Tech Revolution
01:02 A Journey Through Time
01:07 The Early Days of Indian Startups
19:09 Rejecting Google: A Bold Move in the Startup World
32:36 Building a Sustainable Startup Over a Decade
35:06 Building Websites and Hustling in Noida
35:57 Learning Business the Hard Way
38:10 Building a Team for the Long Haul: Fun, Curiosity, and Eccentricity
40:43 Talent, Salaries, and Vision
46:12 The Secret to Product-Led Growth: Magic, Not Just UI
48:10 Crafting Breakthrough Products: Vision, Team, and Execution
52:40 Overcoming Technical Challenges
57:40 The Power of Passion and Persistence in Product Development
01:06:14 From B2C Success to B2B Pivot: The Evolution of a Startup


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